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When buying flamenco shoes online, please bear in mind the advice given in our hints and tips section on shoes.

I always recommend students buy the best shoes they can afford.   Student flamenco shoes do the job, but I've seen so many students disappointed when they sound dull compared to the teacher.   It's not you, and stamping harder won't help - it's the shoe!   The better the shoe, the better the noise you'll make.

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Manuela Carrasco professional flamenco shoes

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Don't expect to find a good flamenco shoe from Spain under 100 euros.  Top-of-the-line shoes can cost over 200 - in which case, you should expect the shoes to be made to order (if the shop doesn't ask for the measurements of your foot, you're not getting the real deal).

Although Flamencista isn't one of the most famous makers, I recommend them because they have good English-speaking customer service (which many big makers don't, surprisingly).   I especially love their Manuel Carrasco shoes, which are a top quality professional shoe at an amazing price.